A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb
A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb
A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb
A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb
A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb

A WIFI camera disguised as a light bulb

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1. Superior Design: 360° Rotatable + 180° Twistable + Thread interface scalable 
2. 360 Fisheye Panorama View
3. Full High Definition
4. Motion Detection 
5. Full color night vision, night monitoring is clear as daytime.
6.PTZ Control
7. Video Storage: Micro SD & Cloud Storage 
8. Network: Built-in AP hotspot, wireless network
9.Built-in signal aerial, you can use phone to see the video even no network.
10. Supported Mobile Systems: Android, iOS 
11. Indoor & Outdoor Use


Ingeniously designed: LED bulbs are modern in design and high quality materials mimic high-end energy-saving luminaires to help it fit comfortably into any office, retail or home environment.
Adjustable view: The included gooseneck attachment allows you to adjust the angle of the LED bulb as needed. Even if you don't have an ideal lamp holder, you can still place the LED bulb in the nearest bulb and instruct it to be recorded wherever you need it.

Motion Detector: The built-in motion sensor is finely tuned to detect motion within 26 feet. The motion detection mode provides optimum efficiency and prevents LED bulbs from being recorded continuously throughout the night (unless you have an unwelcome guest).

Night vision: 24 infrared LEDs 940nm lamps surround the LED bulb sensor, illuminating the invisible light to the scene. Even in the dark cash room at night, LED bulbs will provide undisputed video evidence of any crime.

Suitable for any socket: The LED bulb built-in accessory matches the standard E27 socket, so most users can remove it from the box and screw it directly into the selected location without any complicated installation procedures. International buyers or anyone with a non-standard outlet can use the adapter for easy access.

Recording months: LED bulbs are designed for long-term monitoring of sensitive locations, such as high-flow cash registers, cash rooms, entrances and exits, nurseries, any room with a safe, stairs, loading area or building security system or office The office is not up to or not enough. In motion detection mode, you can record these locations for several months before filling the MicroSD memory card. In high-traffic areas where continuous monitoring is required, the LED bulbs will continuously record for more than a week (covering the longest video data) before cycling.

High-quality video and audio: The cutting-edge CMOS sensor in the LED bulb is equipped with an AMR9 32-bit microprocessor for incredible quality and clarity. The video is recorded in 3GP format with a resolution of 640x480, which can be reduced to 352x288 if storage space is prioritized. The real-time mode records the video at 1 frame/second until the motion detector is activated, at which point it jumps to 12 FPS. In motion detection mode, the LED bulb is only recorded at 12 FPS and is only recorded when motion is detected.

Time and date stamping: All material recorded by the LED bulb automatically adds a date and time watermark to make your recordings easy to view, store, organize and use in legal proceedings (if needed). This feature is optional. Easy to review material.

In real-time mode, the LED bulb saves the video in 30 minutes of bursts. Each 30-minute video file is stored as a separate record with a time stamp, making it easy to view footage for weeks or months of the week. In motion detection mode, the LED bulb saves the file for at least 2 minutes, up to 30 minutes, and stops at any point where the motion stops.

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